The First Game For Apple’s Rumored VR/AR Device

There is already a rumor that HTC is assisting Apple in creating their new AR device.

 A report from Macrumors showing a photo which is looking like a customized HTC Vive Focus controller.

Not only a customized controller but now there is also a rumor of the game called “crosswalk bowling game” for the Apple AR/VR device.

According to Macrumors, the experience is meant to be played while waiting to cross the street. 

Users use the customized Focus controller to throw a virtual bowling ball at a set of virtual pins situated at the other end of a crosswalk. 

The app can only be accessed by an Apple engineer near an Apple office known as “Mathilda 3” at 555 N Mathilda Ave in Sunnyvale, California.

Apple is also working on its AR/VR glasses. It is really cool to see the AR/VR device.

Precision OS – VR surgical training platform.

Precision OS - VR surgical training platform.

Vancouver-based start-up Precision OS just introduced a new multiplayer feature for VR surgical training platform.

This means that surgeons and nurses can work together in the same room even they are thousands of miles far.

The Precision OS really has created something which is really important in this current time of the situation. As you know already corona pandemic.

This VR surgical training platform really going to help current surgeons and nurses to get out of the pressure of practicing on the real subjects.

Practice more on this VR surgical training platform help surgeons and nurses to get perfect and eradicated the problem which comes during the surgery.

Due to this the new revolution comes in the medical education system.

Because this is XR tech in future more number of experienced surgeons and nurses are going to come

Let us know how you feel about this tech.

Cyber shoes – Walk and Run in Vr


Adding more in the VR world. Cybershoes come up with special hardware for Virtual Reality. Where you can walk and run during the game

This looks fun for the VR gamers. It will add a totally new experience for gamers.

Recently Cybershoes participated in CES 2020 where many YouTubers review cyber shoes. And almost all of them looks happing during the gameplay

Let’s see some features of cyber shoes

  • Activity Tracking â€“ Users can now track their physical activity while using the Cybershoes and determine the distance of their virtual journeys.
  • Advanced Immersion Through Natural Movement – The Cybershoes are able to immerse players in the experience by letting them control their in-game movement by actually walking in place, the player actually feels as if they are their in-game character.
  • Accurate Directional Tracking — The player’s vision is independent of the walking direction of the Cybershoes, meaning you can fully observe your surroundings while you walk, duck or bend to pick up objects thanks to highly accurate motion trackers in Cybershoes.

Right now company selling three variations of this

It is totally amazing to see if more people are interested in these cyber shoes.

Micro Kingdoms by BBC for Magic Leap

BBC micro kingdom

BBC studious and AR/VR studio preloaded launched BBC Earth – Micro Kingdoms Senses,

TThe Micro Kingdoms is an interactive documentary for magic leap 1. The AR experience brings users to the tiny world of insects.

Created in collaboration with the BBC Natural History Unit, the same minds behind Planet Earth and Blue Planet, Micro Kingdoms lets users get up close and personal with two species of creepy crawlers—a Leaf Cutter Ant colony from the tropical rainforests of Central America and the Wandering Spider from the Atlantic Forest of Eastern Brazil.