VR Arcade With Holograms Opening at Shanghai Disney

According to the images presented, visitors to Shanghai Disney Resort in China may expect a lot from the new VR entertainment centre that will be opened by VR entertainment business SoReal.

Two floors of immersive entertainment will be available in SoReal’s flagship VR SuperSpace, some of which are based on the hugely popular Chinese classic novel Journey to the West. Visitors can choose from a number of location-based VR experiences on the first floor. This features a VR motorcycle experience as well as a “weightless” VR game where players hang just over the ground.

Inside Shanghai Disney

On the second floor, visitors will find a walkthrough VR experience based on the hit Chinese film series The Monkey King. Here they can battle it out in both single-player and multiplayer experiences alongside friends and strangers. The entertainment center will also feature holograms and various other special fx.

“We are extremely excited that SoReal’s first flagship store in Shanghai will open in Disneytown very soon,” added Michael Qi, co-founder, and CEO of Sky Limited Entertainment. “Our team has been working tirelessly over the past year to design and create this exciting new theme, tailored content, and unique experiences that will be available exclusively in this new location at Disneytown.”

The SoReal VR SuperSpace will be open to the public at Disneytown’s Lakeshore area. Those interested can purchase tickets bundled with admission to Shanghai Disneyland beginning September 10th. Tickets for just the SuperSpace can be purchased individually right now.

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