Bigscreen New Update Making Remote VR Desktop Feature

Bigscreen is one of the most famous VR games companies and an industry leader in terms of the tech launches and feature updates it keeps churning out year after year. The company had a humble beginning, but today it is one of the biggest entities in VR-based Social media segment.

Today’s article is based on of such topics, the Remote Desktop feature of Bigsreen. This comes as a bit of a shock, since we all know that there hasn’t been much noise from the company in terms of announcements on social media. This week, let us have a look at the biggest launch till date: the Desktop version, Streaming Update on Meta Quest, Valve Index, HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality. All of this might lead to a greater quality of streaming, something that not many companies aim to solve.

This coming at a time when the entire world is jumping into Metaverse and VR. The basic mottos of this launch are: Great streaming quality, amazing audio and video quality, greater bandwidth requirements but less buffering and data consumption. This feature enables a minimum of 15 people coming together and interacting with each other.

The streaming update also had certain add-ons, it has less latency than existing ones and stream videos at 60 fps over the LAN. This will allow you to invite friends and hang with them over amazing videos and news.

These updates are just equivalent of laying a strong foundation for the upcoming set of feature updates namely:

  • A new friend system.
  • Input streaming for Remote Desktop that includes support for Bluetooth gamepads and keyboards.
  • A built-in YouTube app that will let you browse and watch YouTube with your friends.

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