3 VR-based game that provides the same level of exercise as a physical game.

I guess, oh wait, not guess. I am certain that you are hearing Metaverse and VR for the umpteenth time. They have been all over in the news for a little over 2 months, ever since Mark Zuckerberg announced the re-branding of Facebook as Metaverse.  Well, forgive us if we are being repetitive but VR depicts a world just like our where we can meet people, speak to them, albeit not face to face, but in a virtual avatar.

While most people would tend to think that Meta and AR or VR will make life more sedentary, which is true to an extent, here comes a VR-based game that will make you sweat, just like any physical activity. Let’s delve deep into this topic for today and understand as to how exactly this stuff will work and the impact it will have.

Here are a few games that will give you a run for your money (literally, the one which you bought the VR set obviously!) try to get a smart watch and then play the game to get the exact count of calories burnt and other such data after the new-age workout gets completed. Are you ready to know what all games provide this facility? Okay, set your VR headsets tight over the forehead, keep few bottles of water handy, some napkins and towels on the couch below and then yes, you are good to go!

  1. Arms – 1 hour: Beat Saber –This is a rhythm based game that focuses more on your posture and moves more than timing and aggression that modern games demand. You might have to jump here and there, roll over and perform gymnastics. A pro tip: Make sure you keep all your precious accessories away from you while you play this game. This is a good game to get your adrenaline flowing and test your stamina levels after a couple of sedentary years due to pandemic.

Here are a few tips: The key is big swings. Stay grounded and rooted and focus with all your might; focus less on your wrists and more on moving your arms. I find that the best way to have fun while putting in effort is to try to swing at each block with as much force as I can while still managing to reach the next block in time. The key is to smoothly move your swings from one block to the next; this makes a fun challenge where you need to strategize your movements to consider how to most efficiently move from one swing to the next even while making big, hard swings. When you really get into the zone you should feel that satisfying flow state that will carry you through.

2. 30 mins: Pistol Whip

This is a paid game available for 30 bucks in Oculus based Headsets, Steam. It’s based on shooting and will bring your body rhythms into focus. Blow away your enemies and destroy their plans as they come to harm you while you move forward in the game. This might prove to a good workout for your legs since you are constantly on the move and try to dodge your opponents shots at you.

Again these are the tips from our end to succeed in this game:

The key for a good Pistol Whip workout is to keep your feet planted as often as possible. From here you’ll need to move your upper body around to dodge incoming fire as you return fire to kill enemies. Moving in this way will make great use of your legs. Don’t be afraid to get down real low to dodge—not only is it an effective technique for dodging, it’s also going to get those leg muscles flexing.

3. Until you Fall: 30 mins

A USD 25 game available on Oculus Headsets and PVR sets. Its again a game that will provide a nice exercise to your limbs. Like all other adventurous games out there, you gotta fight it out and earn your stripes with which you will be able to buy new weapons and upgrade your existing arms and skill sets.

To be crowned as a successful knight, you’d need tons of time and energy and more importantly practice. It will be a great challenge to your grey cells and muscles.

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