Xiaomi has unveiled their new smart glasses.

Xiaomi smart glasses

The market and the competition for smart glasses for Augmented and Virtual reality is getting heated up. In a matter of months, we have Apple, Facebook, Ray-Ban, and other traditional giants of the software eye a place with their products. But now, we have a smartphone manufacturing giant, step up into this domain. Xiaomi is a relatively new player in the domain, but that should not be taken as a disadvantage or inexperience. It has put in a lot efforts and time to lunch its very own version of Smart Glasses!

Xiaomi is still in the planning stages of the product and hasn’t had any plans of launch in the near future as of now. The company has released a sort of a trailer, where a few components of the smart glasses can be observed. The glasses have a 5MP camera, speaker, and a micro-LED display. The display is used as a notification feature. An important point to note is that even though MicroLED technology is a bit expensive for Virtual Reality in commercial use, still the company is keen on using them. All highlights, information, incoming calls and caller’s information, maps, photo, text and video translations are available on the device, as and when you choose. To summarise, these glasses have a simple structure to deal with and a longer life-span. They also have a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection modules.

Now, delving a bit more into the hardware. The processors: Xiaomi uses an ARM based quad-core processor. It is compatible with Google’s Android. The chips in these glasses are roughly the size of medium-ranged rice grain. The size of the pixels is roughly 4 micrometres. The major click here is that, while Xiaomi’s competitors have full solid colour displays, this company only focuses on showing thing on a green colour monochrome display. The glasses will have an LED light at either of its sides, and when the glasses are in function, the lights would blink, giving people around the user, an indication.

This product, if and when launched, would be one of the lightest smart glasses in its category. It weights only about 50 grams. The weight of probably say two pencil cells, we normally use in television remotes. The glasses won’t be acting as an extended screen or a secondary viewing device for the work being done on the mobile phone. The glasses will be powered by Xiaomi’s own voice assistant, named as XiaoAI voice assistant. This voice assistant will convert text to speech and vice-versa. The smart glasses will have a touchpad too.

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Priyanka Peddinti
Priyanka Peddinti