Oculus Space Sense feature! Now you could avoid collisions when immersed in virtual Reality.

Oculus Space Sense feature

Oculus has been the go-to brand hardware for virtual reality headsets. It has been a market leader for quite a while and with every update it releases, it only cements its legacy and reputation further.


Often people might have seen or experienced, that while wearing your AR/VR headsets, people bump into each other, thus not having an amazing virtual playing or work experience. So, to solve this problem, Oculus Quest has come up with an amazing update. Let us talk about it in a more detailed fashion.

Space Sense feature update is a part of the bigger set of a software update that Oculus Quest 2 has been working on, more commonly referred to as the v33 update. Here, it enables you to see the figures of people who are in your range, while working with the headsets. Once, you figure them out, you could pause your task, and have your area cleared and then again resume with your task. Sounds interesting right? Yes, it is. A win-win situation in places where the movement of people is more or important.

This feature of Oculus Quest 2 is available for a distance of 9 feet. However, like all things, there is a small disadvantage with this too. That is, whenever, a person comes from behind, your Oculus headset won’t be able to detect the movement and alert you. Since this is outside the sensors field of view. Even though the update does not fully control the problem of people or pets or objects entering your range of work or play, yet it still solves a lot of issues for people having objects in the vicinity or pets.

This is an optional feature. In case, you aren’t comfortable or can do without the update, you could turn this feature off from the settings panel anytime. There is a bit of time before Space Sense is launched. A similar feature was added to the Guardian of Oculus, two years back in 2019. In that, one could figure out static objects like furniture. However, it could not detect moving objects like people and animals.

Like, we said before, even if the headset does not solve the problem of head-on collisions in virtual reality space, still, it is a logical step for the safety of users. Looking at this update of Oculus, many other headsets manufacturers may also include features like these in their next update iteration.


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Priyanka Peddinti
Priyanka Peddinti