Precision OS – VR surgical training platform.

Precision OS - VR surgical training platform.

Vancouver-based start-up Precision OS just introduced a new multiplayer feature for VR surgical training platform.

This means that surgeons and nurses can work together in the same room even they are thousands of miles far.

The Precision OS really has created something which is really important in this current time of the situation. As you know already corona pandemic.

This VR surgical training platform really going to help current surgeons and nurses to get out of the pressure of practicing on the real subjects.

Practice more on this VR surgical training platform help surgeons and nurses to get perfect and eradicated the problem which comes during the surgery.

Due to this the new revolution comes in the medical education system.

Because this is XR tech in future more number of experienced surgeons and nurses are going to come

Let us know how you feel about this tech.

Vishal Singh
Vishal Singh
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