Text Prompts into 3D World: Hiber3D to Integrate Generative AI Technology

Hiber 3d

Imagine living in a world where creating beautiful 3D models and animations is as simple as typing a few lines or taking a photo. Thanks to Hiber3D, such a world is no longer a fantasy. With the intention of streamlining the process of developing in-game content, it recently announced the incorporation of Google’s generative AI technology in its Hiber3D development platform.

The purpose of using AI is to assist creators in creating larger online worlds, often known as metaverse platforms. The company’s own virtual platform, HiberWorld, already has over 5 million user-created worlds utilising its no-code-needed platform and is powered by Hiber3D technology.

Creators can use natural language to instruct the Hiber3D generator what kinds of worlds they want to create by typing in prompts using the new generative AI tool from Hiber. They can even use this tool to generate worlds based on their mood or to match the narrative of a film.

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Deepshikha Mahapatra
Deepshikha Mahapatra
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