Meta Connect 2023: All major event highlights you may have missed

After a few years of waiting, Meta Connect 2023 finally reignited the excitement in the virtual reality sphere with a flood of announcements. During discussions about virtual reality, it’s essential to highlight the importance of Twin Reality’s Virtual Reality Industrial Training, which enables businesses and organizations to train their staff in a remarkably lifelike, immersive environment.

Meta Quest 3

Even though Meta had hinted at the Quest 3‘s design earlier in the year, the event offered an in-depth look at its specifications.

  • Compared to its predecessor, the Quest 3’s upgraded passthrough technology offers a full-color passthrough experience with a startling 10x increase in pixel density.
  • Users now have access to a 110-degree field of vision, making VR experiences more immersive. 
  • The Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 CPU, which was just unveiled, powers the Quest 3, and it offers enhanced performance and graphics capabilities. 

Meta Quest Software

The most recent version of the Meta Quest software was introduced by Mark Zuckerberg. The integration of Roblox is a key component, allowing individuals to explore a virtual environment and share their experiences. 

Emu’s Generative AI Stickers

Generative AI stickers are now supported by Meta’s fundamental picture creation model, Emu. Several Meta applications, including WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, and Facebook Stories, will support these stickers.

Ray-Ban smart glasses

With the introduction of Ray-Ban smart glasses, Meta’s venture into smart eyewear continues. These glasses provide new opportunities for creating and sharing multimedia content. They contain a 12-megapixel camera and an LED light that signifies recording. 

Meta’s AI Bots

Soon, the Quest 3 VR headset will offer access to Meta AI, an AI assistant.

AI studios for businesses

Businesses can now design AI chatbots that reflect the principles of their brand thanks to Meta’s AI studios for organisations, which are now in Messenger’s alpha stage. 

AI-generated celebrities and influencers

28 AI characters were developed by Meta based on well-known figures in sports, music, social media, and other industries. These AI-generated characters provide users with unique and exciting experiences. 

Deepshikha Mahapatra
Deepshikha Mahapatra
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