Forklift stimulation training.

Welcome to our Business case studies series, a new initiative by Twin reality Technologies. We are a start-up providing web and app development services for Virtual and Augmented Reality. In this case studies series, we will explore the scenarios and problems where VR/AR simulation played a pivotal role in solving problems. A majority of them are the problems our engineers have worked on.


Going forward, we recently faced a challenge. We got contacted by a client, who has his own business of selling training materials for forklift operations and as course material, he wished to include Virtual Reality simulation for the same. This simulation had to be in forklifting shopfloors or factories where operators work on them. It was something beyond our everyday work since even we had to learn about what forklifts are, and what they do.

The parts they wanted us to cover was:

    1. Driving mechanism in the forklift
    2. Training simulations of lifting boxes, objects and crates.


Like we stated earlier, we had to build our knowledge base about forklifts and their industry from absolute scratch. To those who may not know much about them, forklifts are sort of mini trucks that are used to lift heavy objects, parcels and materials over short distances. Mainly in huge warehouses and factories.

They have a lot of complex gear systems and strings. A huge set of small mechanical components, that together lift tons of weight. This system contains levers for managing the speed of the machine, lifting bars, supporting bars, lights and engine.


So, you see, understanding the forklift was quite a challenge for us to go forward and create a simulation. Once we were fairly competent, we started creating simulations for the training course. We created a simulation of the driving systems in VR. Those also had the absolute force, speed, pressure and torque to lift light or a heavy crate accordingly.


We used Oculus SDK and software’s like Unity SDK to solve issues related to physics and driving the machine. All of this was solved by searching about forklift functioning on the Internet.


As a result of this, our client could get his business running smoothly and sell simulations to different training institutes that train workers and students in operating forklifts. He also could grab hold of a couple of his clients who take this service and thus, could create a business opportunity, that most people could not dream and execute off.

Vishal Singh
Vishal Singh
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