COVID-19 Lockdown, World Famous IRONMAN Competition Holds First Virtual Race

Many sports events got canceled due to COVID-19 Lockdown. Even the Olympics are shifted to next year which is affecting many fans and the players.

Many fans are not happy because of it but they can do nothing about it because right now the world is in Chaos

NASCAR US-based auto-racing organization announced the postponement of all races through May 3rd,  they began conducting a series of virtual races in which professional NASCAR drivers competed remotely from their homes using the popular PC-based racing simulator iRacing.

And this week IRONMAN Triathlon took a smiler approach for their event. Now Fans can watch the special athletes performing online.

They are conducting virtual racing series in which over 11,000 athletes from across 115 countries registered to compete from the comfort of their homes.

It is really awesome to find companies taking more steps to engage with fans and using different techniques to engage.

Vishal Singh
Vishal Singh
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