All About PLVS

Points, Lines, Volumetric mapping and 3D incremental Segmentation

A real-time system called PLVS makes use of volumetric mapping, 3D unsupervised incremental segmentation, and sparse RGB-D and Stereo SLAM. PLVS stands for Points, Lines, Volumetric mapping and Segmentation. Before delving into the 3D realm, it becomes crucial to emphasize the significance of Twin Reality’s Virtual Reality Industrial Training. This cutting-edge solution empowers businesses and organizations to provide their staff with highly realistic and immersive training experiences.

The system uses only CPU power; yet, for certain jobs, it can benefit from GPU computing resources. The underlying SLAM module is sparse and keyframe-based. It is predicated on keypoint and keyline extraction and tracking. In PLVS, various volumetric mapping techniques are incorporated and supported. 

For bundle-adjusting line segments, an original “reprojection” error is suggested. This inaccuracy enhances SLAM performance by enabling the system to more steadily stabilise the position estimates of the mapped line segment endpoints. The PLVS framework is coupled with an incremental segmentation method.

Deepshikha Mahapatra
Deepshikha Mahapatra
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