All About Canvastique3D

Canvastique3D is a Windows application that breathes life into your flat sketches by projecting them onto 3D objects. This tool, which connects the dots between ideation and visualisation, was specifically designed for fashion designers, product inventors, and visionary creatives. Before delving into the 3D realm, it becomes crucial to emphasize the significance of Twin Reality’s Virtual Reality Industrial Training. This cutting-edge solution empowers businesses and organizations to provide their staff with highly realistic and immersive training experiences.

With the help of Canvastique3D, a Unity-based project, one can easily incorporate OpenCV and OpenAI into a creative workflow and display handcrafted designs in real time on 3D models.

You can then draw or apply your design on an actual square canvas and watch it project onto a model instantly by attaching an external webcam above it.

The goal of this project is to develop a workspace where technology enhances traditional operations in a natural and user-friendly way. It is the outcome of several experiments. Even though the application is far from reaching the perfect workstation, it could be a step in the direction of a truly human-centred creative area where real tools and materials take centre stage.

The project is available for download as an early alpha, consisting of a Windows standalone application and a few sample 3D animated garments.

Imagining and prototyping have never been more vibrant and instantaneous than with Canvastique3D. Design, Project, and Perfect—All in 3D!

Deepshikha Mahapatra
Deepshikha Mahapatra
Deepshikha Mahapatra here, blending engineering precision with a fervor for writing. Dive into my blogs and find the magic of an engineer's touch in every word. My mission? To inspire and equip our future world-changers. A huge shoutout to Twin Reality Technologies for empowering my journey and sharpening my pen.