Tik Tok and its foray into the Virtual reality realm

Tik tok creating AR studio

All of us have known Tik Tok for its short and crisp video sharing and making platform. The business idea made it a household name and raked in millions for the company and its popularity.

However, since Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality is fast replacing all other forms of entertainment, especially in the audiovisual and gaming segment, it seems Tik Tok has felt the need to upgrade itself in the market. As a result, they have been researching very hard and now they have come up with a VR app of their own.

Coming to the technicalities, what does it do? It is a creative toolset that is named Tik Tok Effect House. Currently under the beta testing stage. Since it is open to constructive criticism in this phase, the company has asked developers who may be interested in contributing to sign up today and start testing and debugging on the software. All they have to do is to fill out a simple information form and they are good to go.

With this new set of features, the company aims to make the platform user immersive and interactive for its users. They can choose from a variety of visual effects for their Tik Tok videos, and interact with the physical environment around them.

The feature is available for both the Windows and MAC platforms. There have been multiple reports and documentation on how the VR of Tik Tok is using the LiDAR camera of the iPhone, for a confetti feature. Once you focus the person or object on the camera, the confetti will automatically blow up. However, this according to the company is just the start and they plan to work on more innovative and interactive features.

The entry of Tik Tok into this field is an alternative to the existing competition created by Facebook and Snapchat. Both the companies have a cumulative of at least USD 5 million in market revenue. Snapchat has 3 million in revenues while Facebook has operations in 190 countries with a 600,000-user base.

The project is in the early stages and its beta version is available in select countries like the US. Yet once launched it has an amazing way to create on the spot interactive videos instead of relying on a third-party app to be downloaded and again create a video.

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Priyanka Peddinti
Priyanka Peddinti