Sony has launched brand new VR Headsets! Take a look at that elegant 8K visual beauty

Till date, of there was one player who had serious design and investments into making VR headsets, it was Oculus. Slowly, yet steadily Sony is making serious inroads into building headsets.

This article focuses on the same. Let us have a deep dive into what Sony has built and launched recently. In its virtual event called, Sony Technology Day, the company showed the world its low-latency VR Headsets. Going further down the specs, it has an OLED display, 4K resolution, and amazing sound systems in place. The high definition system makes you feel stuff in 3D.

What makes us wonder, is the display systems. If you are someone with a decent interest in material Science and hardware, don’t miss this part. They have made use of CMOS Image sensors, Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED), microelectronics and advanced micro circuit technology to the fore.

The X-factor for these headsets, will definitely be low latency. let us understand what latency is, for you to appreciate this feature. Latency is the delay you experience between your physical action and for that action to be displayed on the screen. If the screen is far from you, there wont be any effect, but the closer you are, the more will be motion sickness. This is where, these headsets score big.

You could get a chance to experience the tech, as Sony plans to launch its VR-based PlayStation during the 2022 holiday season.