How to Create 3d models using MidJourney?

This is definitely one of the easiest video explanations how we can have a 3d model using AI tools.

Let me short this step 

1. Inspiration For 3d model inspiration use Midjourney. You can genrate images using Text prompts. After getting the right reference go to next step

2. Cleaning the photo – Use photoshop to cut out the image for which you want to create model. Use puppet tool to make the model in a pose which help in the rigging.

3. Getting 3d Model – Upload the image to the 3D.CSM.AI and it will automatically convert the image into 3d model.

4. Add Animation to the model – Take the 3d model file in blend and export it as .fbx and then upload it to mixamo. Mixamo will help you in rigging and adding the animation to your character.

5. See this in AR – Upload your files in Adobe Aero and choose animation which you have created in mixamo. Now you can open Adobe Aero in you phones. Load this project and you can view this in AR now.