20-50% reduction in the cost
to train distributed workforces

AR provides the ability to not only offer broadly-available
on-the-job training as workers ramp up on new tasks, but also to get
immediate, one-on-one help when learning complex new workflows.

Why Need of AR in Automotive Industry?


Using AR in the showroom. salespeople can use their smartphone camera to view the car with overlaid information about every option, financing and weight, performance or mileage.


Owner’s Manuals

You can access information about the car by just through a simple app, where you point your camera towards the car through your mobile, tab and you will get important information.


BMW is already using AR for service work. Others like Audi and Ford are currently developing AR maintenance procedures.



AR can be used for training of company personnel on the assembly line, in service procedures and in engineering and design.

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