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Overview of the Project:

A project to create a virtual reality walkthrough experience utilising the Oculus platform was just finished by Twin Reality, a top provider of virtual reality (VR) solutions. Through the provision of a more immersive and captivating method for prospective buyers and investors to tour homes remotely, this project aimed to revolutionise the real estate sector.

Who We Made This For, and What Their Problems Are

The virtual reality tour was created especially for real estate brokers, developers, and property management companies. When it comes to efficiently exhibiting houses to distant purchasers, these specialists frequently encounter difficulties. In comparison to physically seeing a property, traditional means like static photos, films, or 360-degree tours fall short in terms of interactivity and richness. Longer sales cycles, lower client happiness, and limited participation are frequently outcomes of this gap.

The Issues Faced by the Real Estate Industry

  1. Limited accessibility 
    Prospective buyers frequently have time or geographic restrictions that prevent them from physically inspecting houses.
  1. Lack of immersive experiences: 
    Traditional marketing strategies only give a partial grasp of a property’s qualities and ambiance because they can’t convey the true spirit of it.
  1. Cost and time constraints: 
    For both buyers and sellers, scheduling physical property visits may be expensive and time-consuming, which frequently causes delays and missed opportunities.


With an immersive solution that improves the property discovery process, Twin Reality’s virtual reality walkthrough on the Oculus platform solves the challenges the real estate market faces. Real estate agents may increase sales, boost client happiness, and cut expenses by utilising modern technology to give remote buyers an interesting, interactive, and thorough experience. The real estate sector is embracing a new era of property marketing and sales with the introduction of virtual reality, setting a standard for next advancements in the sector.

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