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Overview of the Project

The Twin Reality Table Configurator is a web-based application developed by Twin Reality, a leading software development company specializing in virtual and augmented reality solutions.

The project aimed to provide a user-friendly and interactive platform that allows customers to customize and visualize their ideal table designs in real-time.

Client and Their Issues

The Twin Reality Table Configurator was created for a high-end furniture manufacturer named Deluxe Furnishings.

The client faced several challenges in their traditional sales process, including limited customer engagement, difficulty in showcasing product variations, and the time-consuming nature of the customization process. 

Deluxe Furnishings needed a solution that could enhance customer experience, streamline the design and selection process, and ultimately increase sales.

Use Cases of the Project

  1. Interactive Table Customization:
    Customers can choose from a variety of options using the Table Configurator, including the size, shape, materials, finishes, and leg styles of the table. Customers can use the programme to view a realistic 3D visualisation of the table design and decide which features they like.


  2. Real-time Price Calculation: 
    The configurator dynamically determines the final cost depending on the choices made by clients when they customise their tables. Customers can use this tool to learn the financial consequences of various design alternatives and modify their selections as necessary.


  3. Virtual Showroom Experience:
    Customers can virtually position their customised table in various room settings using the application. Customers can picture how the table will seem and fit in their own locations by utilising augmented reality (AR) technology. This feature offers a distinctive and engaging shopping experience.


  4. Streamlined Sales Process: 
    The Table Configurator streamlines Deluxe Furnishings’ sales procedure. Salespeople can work in real-time collaboration with customers while guiding them through the customisation possibilities. This streamlined method facilitates decision-making, enhances communication, and lowers error rates.


The Twin Reality Table Configurator effectively met the issues that Deluxe Furnishings faced by giving clients a fun and effective way to customise and see the tables they want. 

By enabling users to see the designs and the prices associated with them, the application improved the overall customer experience and enabled users to make informed selections.

Customers could virtually experience the tables in their own environs because to the configurator’s integration of augmented reality, which increased consumer engagement and buying confidence. 

Sales for Deluxe Furnishings increased as a result of the simplified sales procedure, which increased effectiveness and customer satisfaction. 

Overall, the Twin Reality Table Configurator succeeded in converting the routine process of purchasing furniture into an engaging and interactive experience.

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