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Overview of the Project

An innovative technological business that specialises in virtual reality and augmented reality solutions, Twin Reality, is the subject of the case study. The project entails developing a WebGL-based real estate walkthrough application. Without the use of additional plugins, WebGL, or the Web visuals Library, enables the rendering of 3D visuals in web browsers.

Who We Created This For and Their Issues

The project was created for US Based Realestate, a well-known real estate developer that had trouble attracting purchasers for their properties. Without personally visiting the areas, clients Realty finds it impossible to give immersive experiences of their properties. Traditional techniques, such as still photos and movies, failed to adequately convey the homes’ spirit, giving potential purchasers little knowledge and a cold experience.

Use Cases of the Project

  1. Virtual Property Tours

Potential buyers can virtually tour houses and interact with them in a realistic way with the WebGL walkthrough programme. Users can explore several rooms, look at specifics, and gain a thorough understanding of the layout, design, and characteristics of the property.

  1. Remote Showings

Customers who are unable to physically see the property due to time or geographic restrictions can use the application. It allows for remote showings, where interested purchasers can use any web browser to take a guided tour of the property while relaxing in the comfort of their own homes

  1. Architectural Visualizations.

The WebGL walkthroughs are an effective tool for interior designers and architects. They may utilise the programme to present their ideas and designs to customers, giving them an immersive experience that enables them to picture the space and make wise choices.

  1. Marketing and Advertising

The WebGL walkthroughs are an efficient marketing tool because of their interactive aspect. The walkthroughs can be shared on social media platforms or included on real estate brokers’ and developers’ websites to attract customers and boost interaction. The application facilitates interest creation and qualified lead attraction.


The way Twin Reality markets its homes to potential purchasers has been revolutionised by the development of the real estate walkthrough application employing WebGL technology. 

The programme provides a way around actual property visits and distant investigation by addressing the problems of limited information and impersonal experiences.

Users may navigate and examine properties as if they were actually there thanks to the usage of WebGL technology, which also makes for immersive and engaging experiences. 

By giving both buyers and sellers a useful tool for showing homes, making educated selections, and eventually fostering business growth, this project has successfully improved the real estate experience for both parties.

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