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    Custom Virtual Reality Solutions For Enterprises

    Among the many disruptions Virtual reality can bring with it, is the ability to create simulations of various products, procedures and demonstrations. What that does to the customer base, is to diversify and expand their client base throughout the world and bring hands-on experience and training to their workforce without spending huge amounts of money on complex equipment’s, training and procedures.


    Over a period of time, a lot of industries, mostly from the medium to large-scale manufacturing, construction and automobile segment, have taken full use of the benefits of VR. These companies, make use of customized software’s and apps to let their customers and users know how good a new bike or a car is, how spacious a new bungalow is or simply for retaining and enhancing their customer base, by increasing user experience.

    A good example of it is in the emerging biological and computational sciences. Doctors can be trained to carry on surgical simulations on the most complex organs or places in the human body. 


    Now that we have spent a good time introducing you to the benefits of what this is. Let us delve a bit deep into the domain.

    How is the virtual reality app development software built?

    Virtual reality Software and Apps are developed in a multi-stage model. However, it can primarily be divided into three subdomains, namely:

    1. Developing the main background and objects in a 3-dimensional and mobile manner
    2. Adding lights, sounds, colours and other sensory feedback into the software.
    3. Making the user interaction as much as possible by using immersive techniques for user experience.



    For bringing this into reality, most platforms make use of Software Development Kits, build tools and content creation.

    At Twin Reality, we too wish to build the same legacy and even further add innovation to that, to end up as a leader in this field. 

    Virtual reality web and app development is done in many stages, where each stage is interdependent on the other stage. They can be categorized into:

    1. Strategizing and building an approach for the present set of challenges
    2. Building the virtual simulators
    3. Last touches and user immersive feedback

     Whenever the customer approaches the company, the major challenge is to break down the problem or the task into parts and start building a solution towards the same. Say for example there is an event management company which has to organize a shipbuilding exhibition.

    The immediate and major task of the company will be seeking expertise and building the exhibition into small parts or categories for container ships, military ships, passenger cruise lines, etc. A strategy for every segment should be made. At the end of it, a flow of the entire business model is to build a post which, the 3D modelling can begin. And with that, virtual reality development begins to get into shape. 

    Once that is done, the testing and assessment begin. In this stage, the potential bugs in the software and other necessary modifications are done. Once this stage is passed, then the final presentation to the user is done. In the final stage, the most important is to create end-user demonstrations, testing and training.

    The most important check is to make sure the client feels it is customized for him, has a great immersive experience and is also flexible enough to change and modify according to the changing dynamics of the customer’s business. 

    Virtual Reality App Development: The Procedure

    At Twin Reality, our strategies and engineers focus on only the aim: To provide scalable business solutions to our clients, using the best immersive technology experience. We have had success, and our portfolio bears a testimony, from more than 20+ clients ranging from print media, real estate, interior designing and automobile exhibitions and modelling to even education!

    We do this mainly via, 3D-modelling, app and software development, plan visualizations and virtual walk-throughs. With a lot of crowds moving into the digital space, we aim to build the best-customized software solutions for our clients.

    What technologies does Twin Reality use for virtual reality app development?

    At Twin Reality, we are pioneers of using this Virtual reality software development technology in India. All our talented engineers use some of the state-of-the-art and world-class software’s like:

    2. Blender
    3. Unreal Engine.

    We have had great experience and success in organizing such virtual reality-powered exhibitions and events with a lot of high-profile companies and clients. The software we build can be used and compatible with VR headsets like Oculus, Samsung and HTC.

    Research and Development and QA testing for Virtual Reality App Development

    We at Twin Reality take customer satisfaction as our most serious parameter. This is why we always make software testing very rigorous. This is done at multiple bandwidths, with different users. Multiple checks with our customers, applying hours of creativity and technicalities for the best immersive experience, all along with providing the most cost-effective method is our way of life at Twin Reality.

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